Forget Public Opinion…Keep Your Eyes on God’s Opinion of You.

Our media can many times be a source of information but it can more times than not become a way to set society standards.  These standards are often times assimilated and reinforced skewing our self-worth and self-value.  Because these values and subtle messages are published, it is accepted as truth without question.  We are told that we are only valuable, acceptable, lovely, worthwhile, esteemed, & correct if we look, act, and think a certain way.  Since these standards change with the wind of opinion, they can leave us feeling empty and constantly trying to measure up.  We never feel good enough therefore the door is opened to the addictions and life-controlling habits that continue to strip us of our God-given worth and value.  This need for acceptance is only completely and totally fulfilled in a relationship to God Almighty, through Jesus Christ.

Today I invite you to come away from the media standard and embrace God’s standard.  Embrace how he defines you. Let his love minister hope and healing to your soul.  Remember this.  God took a part of himself and placed it on the cross to die for you.  That is the most awesome expression of love I know of.  When I consider this question, I realize that I would never consider giving up my terminally ill mother or sister to save someone else.  At the worst of their illness I considered them too valuable.

Close your eyes and listen to this song from Casting Crowns

Be Blessed today.
Enjoy the love of God today.
He shows up in the most amazing place and the most amazing ways. Selah

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About Michele

Sunny and sometimes rainy South Florida is where I call home. I love spending time with my family and closest friends. Grab a cup of cool iced tea, lemonade, or iced coffee. Sit a while and relax. Check back in a few days new words will be there to ponder. Each day a prayer or nuggets of wisdom from Scripture is posted to start you on your day.
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